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  • Delivery pricing will depend on the total of all of your receipts. Please see our Rates & Terms page for more information.

  • We make every attempt to deliver pre-arrival but this is not a guarantee. Depending on our schedule, property guest turn over, and store variables, delivery may be past check in. Rest assured, we deliver until all the day's bookings are completed.

  • Yes. We will contact the front desk or property management company to find out the unit number and arrange for delivery. If you are staying at a private residence, please be sure to provide us with the the name and number of the property manager.

  • Absolutely. We stock all refrigerated and/or frozen food for you and leave all dry goods, wine, and spirits on the counter.

  • Yes. In our Online Store you have two options. On each store page there is  "Custom Item" box where you can enter any specifics for what you are looking for. You can also add notes to any listed product to make what you are ordering more specific.

  • Upon completion of your delivery, within 24 to 48 hours, your receipts and all applicable charges and fees will be billed to the card you made your original reservation on. The $20 reservation fee will be cancelled at that time. We forward copies to your email of all store receipts as well as a line item detail of all our final billing charges. Should you need to update your original card information before final billing, there is a secure link at the bottom of your original order confirmation where you can accomplish this. Should you need further assistance, please contact us at

  • Orders cancelled within no less than 1 day before arrival will be charge free.


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